Kaizen Your Education!


Kaizen Your Education

Are you looking for the latest holistic training techniques? Are you looking to grow yourself and your business in a supportive community? Join us LIVE twice a month for our new programme which has education sessions and tutorials to Kaizen your education. Let's create that ripple effect of positive health change around the world. Become a Foundation Member for only $39/month (normally $69). 

Our Programme

Your personal, business and technical development are all covered in the programme...

Our Kaizen approach not only takes a holistic approach to our training and consulting but our programme also offers education on personal and business development. We believe in helping you be your best self, arming you with holistic cutting edge technical skills, and ensuring you know how to implement them to grow your business.  

What's on offer?

Kaizen Your Education includes: • A live 60 minute technical, business or personal development session every month • Monthly homework tasks/worksheets to complete • A Live 30-45 minute monthly tutorial related to the development session • Membership to a members only Facebook group that will discuss topics related to education sessions • A free copy of the Kaizen Your Health Lifestyle Plan – valued at $129 • Sessions will be held on Thursdays and dates will be published on the 20th of the month • All sessions will be recorded and members will be sent links to the recording 

Foundation Member Price only $39/month (normally $69/month)  

About US

Kaizen Institute of Health

Kaizen Institute of Health is an internationally recognised health institute. The institute is a leading education provider to health professionals and supplier of cutting edge health testing and products. The mission behind the institute is to inspire, educate and empower you to reach your health potential.

Meet Angela

Angela is a Holistic Health expert and co-owner of the Kaizen Institute of Health. Angela specialises in optimal health programs with a particular interest in stress, hormonal balance, epigenetics and functional health. Angela has been in the industry 18 years and worked with leaders across various fields around the world. Her main work is speaking, mentoring and coaching changemakers internationally to find their ikigai and live their best life.

Meet Dave  

Dave is an exercise physiologist specialising in holistic health and exercise. He is the co-owner of the Kaizen Institute of Health. Dave has a long history in elite high-performance sport conditioning and has worked with a wide range of world class athletes from equestrians through to Olympic weight lifting. He currently lectures internationally to health professionals on integrating a holistic approach, and cutting edge techniques into health and fitness.

Some of the Areas we will cover...

  • Functional Health 
  • Hormones, Bloods, Genes
  • Lifestye Medicine

  • Managing Best Self / Self Care / Reaching your Potential
  • Business Systems / Boosting Productivity / Leveraging
  • A Coaching Approach
  • Working with Injuries
  • The Myofascial System
  • Exercise prescription and training techniques

These Trainers have Kaizened their Education

"It has changed both my business and personal life". "its a great distinction and point of difference from other businesses" "I just want to jump for joy with my new ease and calm"

Corinne Austin - NZ Personal Trainer of the Year 2017

In her two years since being in the program Corinne has won New Zealand PT of the year, presented to audiences of over 100, added a health coaching arm to her business and significantly increased profits... just to name a few of her achievements

"I highly recommend the Kaizen Institute of Health. From a business and accountability point of view I cant recomend them high enough. The technical knowledge and education is well researched and is able to be implemented into your business straight away"  

Richard Ellis - NZ Personal Trainer of the Year 2016

Since working with KIH, Rich had not only won PT of the year but has started a PT mentoring and Corporate Health Business. He is a true leader of PTs

We have also worked with so many great trainers from Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Heres what they have to say 

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